Monday, 30 April 2012

Postal prices

It's that time of yeah again - the Royal Mail have put up the postal prices once again. And this time they've seen fit to remove all the options below 750g for small packets which means you have to pay a minimum of £2.20 to send anything up to 6 jars of Bacon Salt. Before we could give better prices for single jars but now it's not really financially viable to buy single jars.

We've done our best to absorb the increases for you - we haven't raised any prices and will never charge you more than £1.99 for P&P (much less than it costs us). But the end result is it's now much more expensive to buy single jars. To soften the blow, we decreased the prices of the multipacks as it's now much better value to go for these instead of single jars.  As ever, please just email us with your order and we'll get right back to you :)