Thursday, 22 November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Baconlovers

Seeing as the holy Bacon Salt is a US invention, it only seems appropriate to celebrate Thanksgiving here at Bacon Salt UK. All the more so because Bacon Salt can make one of the tastiest holidays even more delicious.

We're not going to offer any full-blown Thanksgiving Bacon Salt recipes - just give some rough ideas and encourage you to use your imagination. After all, there are very few dishes that don't benefit from some additional bacony action.

First of all, why not add some Bacon Salt to your mashed potato? Or your sprouts or bean casserole? Who can deny it will make stuffing for the turkey infinitely better? Or a side or mac and cheese. And for the non meat-eaters - don't forget that all flavours of Bacon Salt are vegetarian! Your tofurky will taste a lot better with a Bacon Salt glaze, that's for sure!

To make this Thanksgiving even tastier for all Bacon Salt lovers, we're offering a £1 discount on all orders of four jars received today. So you can get any four flavours of your choice for just £9.49 instead of £10.49! Just email us to claim your discount :)