Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Stock issues

We received our shipment of Cheddar and Original this week. Unfortunately due to the backlog of orders, we sold out instantly again! We've spent the last 24 hours desperately packaging outstanding orders and they will be going out this week. 99% of orders have been fulfilled and dispatched. However, as J&D's forgot to send us some of the flavours we ordered, there are still some packages waiting for new stock before we can send them out. More containers of delicious Bacon Salt are on their way from Seattle.

Unfortunately, as the rush is showing no sign of halting any time soon, we're now currently out of Original, Cheddar and Malt Salt for new orders. If you need your Bacon Salt urgently, please consider swapping to other flavours instead. Sorry again for the inconvenience - we promise it will be worth it when it finally arrives!