Thursday, 28 March 2013

International prices slashed

We're delighted to bring some good news to you. We've been checking over our figures as the tax year approaches and looking to economise wherever possible. The exchange rate we were using for international shipments has crept rather out of date and we've been able to massively drop our prices in light of this.

Now you can order Bacon Salt anywhere in the EU for just €4.29 for one jar, €11.99 for three jars and only €14.99 for four jars. Plus we've added extra options to let you mix and match between whichever flavours you want. So you're no longer restricted to just Original, Hickory, Peppered and Natural - you also get to try out Cheddar, Applewood, Jalapeño and Maple. We're even offering Ketchup Salt and Malt Salt for international shipping too. Just email us after you order to specify your choices :)

We ship worldwide and offer cheaper rates to EU and other European countries such as Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, France and Norway. And, having checked over other sites selling Bacon Salt in Europe, we're still the cheapest option available. Hooray!