Monday, 29 April 2013

Recipe: Sloppy Joes

We have a new recipe out for you to check out: Butt Rub Sloppy Joes. This is a simple but delicious meal that is really quick and easy to make.

If you've used Butt Rub or Bacon Salt in new recipes at home please let us know! We'd love to feature them on the site :)

Monday, 22 April 2013

Better Value Butt Rub

We're delighted to be able to bring you a new product from Bad Byron. We now have the fantastic value massive 660g jars of the incredible Butt Rub. Those of you who have tried this product will know that once you start you can't get enough of it and the 128g jars run out rather sooner than you'd hope.

We are now shipping these catering-size containers of Butt Rub from the UK and, best of all, our price is unbeatable. Even though they are over five times the size of the regular jars, you can get a 24oz container of Butt Rub for just £12.49! Yum!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Price cuts

Even though we recently suffered from the massive Royal Mail price hikes recently, we're always looking to offer you the best value possible.

So that's why we recently cut the prices of our Bad Byron's products. It's now only £4.49 for a jar of Butt Rub and the prices fall even more if you buy a multipack. Now's the perfect time to plan ahead for a summer of amazing BBQs!

Monday, 8 April 2013

Recipe: pulled pork

This is pretty much our favourite recipe ever. The tastiest juiciest way to cook a pig ever invented. Head on over to read about our method for cooking pulled pork.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Announcing: Ketchup Salt!

We've got a great new addition now in stock - Ketchup Salt. All the yummy tomato taste of your favourite red sauce without the sog! And just to remind you, we're much much cheaper than Firebox and currently are offering the lowest price in the UK.

It's perfect on fries, burgers, eggs and meatloat and it will keep your chips crispy and your eggs smoking hot. Yum! So why not try it out today?

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Royal Mail postage increase

It's that time of year again - our beloved postage service has increased their prices again :(

And not by a little bit, by quite a lot! Not content with raising the postage prices 30% last year, they've hit us with a massive 18% increase again already.  So now the minimum price Royal Mail charge for second class shipments is £2.60.

But there is good news! While we have increased our postage charges in line with this change, we will continue to aggressively subsidise these costs so that you don't have to bear the brunt of these price rises. Even ignoring the money we have to spend on packaging materials, we are charging less for postage than Royal Mail charge us. We promise you that our postage charges are more than fair and we'll never make money on postage and packaging.

And that's not all. We have set our prices at a flat rate of £2.59 no matter how big your order is. So it doesn't matter if you order 3 jars or 13 jars - you'll still never pay more than £2.59 in postage fees even if it costs us much much more. Because of this it's now better value than ever to take advantage of our massive savings on Multipacks and Samplepacks.

We pride ourselves on keeping our prices as low as possible. Make sure you check the total cost of your order as many other Bacon Salt vendors charge up to £5 for postage. We're committed to being great value for money.  It's because of this that you can be confident that we are the cheapest Bacon Salt seller in Europe :)